Pool Shot Adjustable Varsity

Pool Shot Adjustable Varsity water basketball game for swimming pools can be raised and lowered and the net brought closer to the water level for easier gameplay for young children. Or raise it higher for even more realistic gameplay that keeps teens (and adults!) busy playing in the pool.

The Pool Shot Adjustable Varsity sets the patented, triple-winged backboard of the pioneering Pool Shot Varsity on a rugged, one-piece stability base. Just fill it with pool water or sand, set the backboard to the desired height and the game is on. The oversized backboard corrals errant shots and directs scoring shots back to the shooter. Players get more time playing in the pool instead of climbing out to chase the ball.

It also creates crazy angles for creative trick shots off the backboard.

This is a rugged unit designed to withstand the non-stop, rough and tumble gameplay of your most aggressive teenagers. The base and backboard are rotationally molded from 100% UV-resistant polyethylene to resist chlorinated water, sunlight and inclement weather and last for generations. Two people can set it up in minutes and it can stay outside all year or store it fully assembled seasonally.

Comes complete with regulation sized rim, net, two waterproof basketballs, decals and stainless steel hardware.

Ships by truck, not UPS.

Get two and play full court Pool Shot water basketball!

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